Cardiff International Comic Expo 2011: A Preview – Part 1

So this coming Saturday sees the next major event on the 2011 comic convention calendar in the form of the Cardiff International Comic Expo. The team behind this sevent are also responsible for the awesome Bristol International Comic and Small Press Expo and anyone who has attended that con will no doubt be looking forward to this latest con addition even more.

An Inclusive and fun convention, great titles to buy as well as informative panels, hotel bars crammed to bursting with comic fan, approachable guests and exhibitors have become the cornerstone of their events.

Their latest convention will be held at the Mercure Holland House Hotel, Cardiff Sat 26th Feb 2011 from 10am to 6pm.

Now usually with the run up to a major comic convention I try to do a countdown of some of the sights and sounds to look out for if you’re attending the event. Unfortunately with so much going on for me at the moment I’ve not had the chance to give this latest con to hit the scene the attention it demands but I’ll try over the next two days before the event.

Hopefully I’m right in thinking that is the first comic convention of its size to hit Cardiff. It’s another great move forward in giving all us fans so many comic conventions going on that soon using the excuse of a lack of location nearby will be a thing of the past. Soon  indulging the medium we love with out having to travel too far (unless we won’t to hit all the cons on the convention calendar that is) will be within everyone’s grasp.

The reaction to the Cardiff Comic Con has been fantastic with the team reporting all  pre-order tickets have been sold with a limited amount being available on the door, which is great news and a fantastic acheivement for a first time con. Those of you out there who missed out on pre-ordering a ticket it’s important to note that those tickets will not be released until 11am (Doors open to all who have pre-ordered at 10am).

Rather than list everything out that on the website I figured I would preview a few things that I’m looking forward to.

10.45am Secrets and Lies Live with The Sidekickcast! Join your hosts Gavin Jones and Dan Marshall from the Sidekickcast as they take Secrets and Lies; the comic book news quiz with a twist, on the road again. This time it’s WAR with Artist vs Writers vs Cardiff International Comic Expo. Heading up the writer’s team is Chris Lynch with Paul Cornell and Rob Williams. Captain on the artist’s team is Stuart Tipples with Mike Collins with a special surprise final member. Of course Dan will be getting amongst the people to represent those really in the know, you the fans. Whose Side Are You On?

The Sidekickcast guys secret and lies panel – Gavin and Dan have been doing the Sidekickcast podcast for a while now and are just all round great fellas. If you’ve never come across their podcast and never hear them do Secrets and Lies on their podcast then you will be in for a treat and I’m sure this will be a great way to kick off the convention.  The guys have a kick ass blog which is also worth a look see (and I’m told will be getting a sparkly revamp soon) even though I’ll probably be at my own table selling copies of Fallen heroes #1 I’m hoping the fellas will be recording this for their podcast so I can have a listen later. Looking at the list of guys on this panel it look even more like comedy gold. I’m even more gutted I won’t be able to make it along.

COMIC EXPO in association COMX are very proud to present the 1st spin off from the critically acclaimed graphic novel 45

BLUE SPEAR by Andi Ewington, Eddie Deighton and Cosmo White will preview at Expo with an EXCLUSIVE ASHCAN

I first met Yuji Tomikawa the aka Blue Spear when reading and reviewing the hit title 45 from Comx last year. If you’ve never heard of 45 then I suggest you head here to read our review and then pick up a copy as it’s a great read. The creative team behind the 45 spin-off comic featuring the Blue Spear will be on hand with an exclusive ashcan with preview art from the upcoming title. If the images  are anything to go be this is going to be one pretty comic. More info on the Blue Spear here.

MARKOSIA presents a signed and numbered edition of theYOUNG ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES only @ COMIC EXPO!

Join the teenage Holmes and his friends in a desperate race to unravel the mystery of the London Vampire before more blood is spilt on the dark, dingy and dangerous streets of Victorian London. Murder, mystery and menace follow hot on the heels of the boy who is destined to become the world’s most astonishing detective. Who is the masked figure that stalks the streets in search of blood? What secret does he hold that will forever change the life of Holmes and his closest friend? Why does ”the Agency” want Holmes to join them?

You can read my review of the comic here. In short the comic was a fun, fast paced, read and worth checking out!

10thology is a collection of 10 stories, 10 pages in length by the cream of the crop of Welsh creators & creators living & working in Wales from the Small Press & Indie scene to industry legends such as Mike Collins.

Now I’ve not read 10thology yet but looking at the wealth of talent involved and seeing some of the artwork combined with a  sneek peeks at the stories themselves I’m pretty confident that the 10thology team have a hit on their hands. However don’t take my word for it read the exclusive review by the Sidekickcast.

Well that’s it for now but look out for my last minute preview part 2 including some last minute con tips for the newbie.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Cardiff International Comic Expo

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  1. Never fear Nuge, we’ve got you covered, The Serects and Lies Live panel will be recorded and available on the site. Better to be there Live but you got babys to shake and hands to kiss, fair enough. Thanks for the write up.

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