CBS’s Elementary Gets a Full Season Order

It looks like CBS’ Sherlock Holmes TV show Elementary  going to be around for a little while longer

CBS’ have annouced  that they have picked up the show which stars Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu as Sherlock and Watson for a full run of 22 episodes.

I’ve got the first episode of Elementary (which aired in the UK this week) recorded but haven’t had the chance to check it out as yet. The trailers so far have left me a little cold and that’s not because I enjoyed the other modern take on Sherlock from the BBC because I definitely think you can have too modern day Sherlock Holmes shows. One of the problems I have is that at first glance it looks a little too similar to other US detective shows that I’m already watching and enjoying (The Mentalist and  Castle). Hopefully the first few episodes will prove me wrong as I do like a good bit of Holmes on my TV screen.

What do you guys think who have watched the first episode?

Reporter: Nuge

Source: Deadline

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  1. i enjoyed episode 1 but it wasnt as good as sherlock or Guy Ritchie’s films. Johnny Lee Miller was a good Sherlock but Lucy Liu did nothing as Watson. She might need some time to settle in. I think it deserves a full season.

    • I watched it last night and didn’t like it at all. Miller was ok but for me he just didn’t feel like ‘Holmes’ and yeah Lucy Liu was ok but there was no real dynamic between them. I’m going to give it another episode but I’m surprised it got a full season unless the second episode is a lot better.

  2. IMHO, Guy Ritchie’s Holmes’ films are awful, but comparing Elementary to either Ritchie’s version or Moffat’s Sherlock is… misguided. They are completely apples and oranges. I don’t think people (especially the fine folks in the UK) understand that Elementary is not and never could be anything close to Sherlock. US networks are driven by advertising dollars which are driven exclusively by putting the most 18 – 49 year-old eyeballs on the screen… period. The BBC, being a government-owned entity broadcasts programs from the perspective that quality programming begets quality viewership. Truthfully, in the US, quality is a second concern. it’s about formulas and which ones work. That being said, there is no attempt by Elementary to duplicate Sherlock. It’s a completely unique interpretation and to be quite honest, and I was as equally surprised by this as anyone else because I’m a huge fan of Moffat’s version (gave the show a perfect 100/100 when we reviewed it) and I hate American crime procedurals, it does work very well… just don’t go into expecting it to be anything it’s not.

    BTW, as an American who’s fiercely patriotic and a ridiculous fan of television, I actually prefer the BBC model. 😉

    Here’s my (spoiler-free) review of it, I hope it can provide some insight.

    • Hey Shawn, thanks for your comments. First off I enjoy the Guy Ritchie Holmes’ films for what they are a different take on the character. I’ve now watched the first episode of elementary and it didn’t do much for me. Personally I didn’t compare Elementary with Sherlock as I think it’s a completely different beast from that show. I just think that it just reminded me a little too much of other US procedural shows. The last think I was thinking when watching it was comparing into to Sherlock…the only think I think about is how well it give me that ‘Holmes’ vibe I’m after and for me (and this is my opinion) the pilot left me a little cold. I thought both Miller and Liu (who I like as actors) have the ability to make this work but the plot in the first episode was kinda dull for me. As always I will give a few episodes to see how things progress as I’ve seen in the past how things can change from pilot to the second episode.

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