CERN Call in UNIT!

I knew it was bad! So bad that CERN Called in Martha Jones! In a special, limited time download:


Torchwood go to Geneva where Martha Jones, ex-time traveller, is now working as a doctor for a UNIT task force at the world’s biggest physics laboratory, CERN. Deep in an underground tunnel, a giant particle accelerator is about to be activated for the first time. But something strange is happening. Scientists are hearing voices and collapsing with a strange illness. Is something lurking in the underground tunnel? Do the dead ever really stay dead?

Fans of Martha Jones can catch up with her latest exploits when Torchwood comes to Radio 4 today. In a specially-commissioned drama, Lost Souls, Martha has been called to CERN – home of the Large Hadron Collider that’s making all the headlines.

Listen Again: If you miss the play you can listen again for seven days from 3.00 pm today on the Torchwood website.

Direct link to the torchwood site for iPlayer and mp3 downloads. This will be available for only 7 days … 6 now.

Source: BBC Doctor Who Site

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  1. This is some beautiful bit of goodness, right here. Exactly what The Doctor ordered.


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