Charlaine Harris’ Midnight Texas Books Get a TV Adaptation

Those missing True Blood on their TV screens have another Charlaine Harris adaptation to look forward to. Her successful Midnight Texas books (Midnight Crossroad, Day Shift and Night Shift which is due out in May 2016) are to make the leap to the small screen helmed by Niels Arden Oplev, hot off the back of his success directing the pilot of Mr Robot.

The books revolve around the strangely empty town of Midnight in Texas, a place so small it only has a single traffic light on Main Street. An easy to miss, sleepy town whose few residents like it that way. Just a normal down at heel Texas town – with the weird pawn shop whose owner only comes out at night, and the surprisingly large selection of weapons. And the suicides. Lots of suicides.

Midnight Texas will be seen later this year.

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