Charles Dance Gets Lead Role in Syfy Miniseries Childhood’s End

It was announced today that Emmy nominated actor Charles Dance will play the role of alien Overlord “Karellen” in a new Syfy miniseries Childhood’s End. The actor, known from many films and TV series such as Game of Thrones, Bleak House and the strange assassin in marmite movie The Last Action Hero, is certainly a high-profile signing for what should be an intriguing series.

“We are thrilled that Charles has picked Childhood’s End following his amazing work in Game of Thrones.” – Bill McGoldrick, Executive Vice President, Original Content, Syfy.


Childhood’s End will be a six-hour miniseries and is adapted from the 1953 Arther C. Clarke novel of the same name. The story sees the peaceful invasion of Earth by the mysterious Overlords. Dance’s character Karellen is the ambassador who makes first contact and dazzles humanity with his technology and easy words, giving them the trappings of utopia at the simple cost of their human identity. There are soon murmurs of discontent however, when he will only deal with one human and never shows his true physical appearance.

People with a hand in the show’s creation are Akiva Goldsman (I Am Legend) and Mike DeLuca (Captain Philips) who will serve as executive producers. The director is Emmy and Hugo nominated Nick Hurran (for Sherlock and Dr.Who respectively). It will be adapted from the book by Matthew Graham (creator of BBC’s Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes) with Universal Cable Productions the studio.

It will premiere on Syfy in 2015 and with such a concoction of talent driving it forward, will hopefully be something genuinely interesting to watch.

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  1. Ian /

    well it will be a classic or a mess, the book is one of the truly great sci-fi novels,
    i hope they do it justice, the stories ‘ending’ is one of the great moments in sci-fi history

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