Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror Nabbed by Iron Man Himself Downey Jnr

Last year Charlie Brooker gave us his first round of episodes in his Black Mirror series for Channel 4. If you have not seen them you should seek them out ASAP. News has just come in that Robert Downey Jnr has acquired the rights to one of the episodes as a project.

Of the three episodes from the series the episode entitled ‘The Entire History of You’ does seem to be the one with a film type quality to it.  In it everyone has a chip implant that allows them to record everything they see and play it back. Although this episode works as a one hour piece of drama I don’t think it would fill a two-hour movie so the odds are that Downey Jnr will tweak the story to make it more commercially viable.

No idea if Downey Jnr will take a lead role in the film but the script is being written by the episode’s original writer Jesse Armstrong so it should be good.

The trailer for the episode is below.

Source: Geek Tyrant
Reporter: Montoya

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