Check out These Hobbit Inspired Blinds

As we gear up to make the final (The Simmarillion next maybe Pete?) trip to middle earth with The Hobbit:The Battle of the Five Armies  the  Made to Measure Blinds team are marking the occasion with some special blinds designed around the five armies themselves. Sadly these designs aren’t for sale but fingers crossed the Elven lords and ladies will change that fact at some point in the future.

I wanted to let you about some brand new designs we have created inspired by the upcoming Hobbit film.

We have created our own version of what we imagine each of the five armies banner design would look like.

We had a lot of fun making them and as big fans of the book/film adaptation we channelled our excitement for the final film into these designs, so I hope that comes across. – Made to Measure Blinds







So if you are trying to shield yourself and your fellow Hobbits from the Eye of Sauron then maybe these blinds could be the answer.

Source: Made to Measure Blinds
GS Blogger: Nuge @geeksyndicate

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