Check Out this Star Trek Red Shirt Kit

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Fans of Star Trek know that if your are assigned to the Enterprise Away Team under Captain Kirk that you have a very good chance of not making it back alive if you are wearing a red shirt well Kudos to these guys who have created a pack just for those Red Shirt wannabe’s.

Packing for a trip is hard. You’ve got to predict everything you’re going to need while you’re gone and fit it all into a small container. You know what’s even harder? Packing for an away mission. You got your phaser. You got your change of clothes. Extra set of socks and underwear. First aid kit. Couple packs of Quadrotriticale Trail Mix. You know. The usual.

But what would you pack if you knew it was your last trip ever? This kit addresses that question. A few things to pass the time, a few items to reflect on your condition… it’s all good, and it’s all in our Away Team Kit.


Source: Think Geek
Reporter: Montoya

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