Checkmate! Doctor Who Chess Set

Doctor Who Logo - 2010 VersionThe Doctor is a very clever man. I bet there are few things he enjoys more than a good game of chess. So a Doctor Who chess set seems like the perfect combination. This is the second set to be released. The first was based around The Tenth Doctor and now it is The Eleventh’s turn. The set includes:

Evil side:
King: The Dreamlord
Queen: Madam Kovarian
Bishops: Silence
Knights: Headless monks
Rooks: Pandorica’s
Pawns: Weeping angels

Good side:
King: The Doctor (Eleven)
Queen: River Song
Bishops: Amy & Amelia
Knights: Eyedrive Rory & Rory the Roman
Rooks: Tardises
Pawns: Dorium’s heads

Source: Geek Native
Reporter: Luke Halsall

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