Cinebook Reviews: 2012 Preview

Christmas has come early in my house because I’ve had a bunch more trades come unexpectedly through the post.  For those who missed my previous series of Cinebook Reviews, I’m exploring the world of French and Belgian comics as a credible and inexpensive alternative to the dominating forces of Marvel/DC.

Aside from a smattering of Welsh I don’t speak any other languages, but thanks to companies like Cinebook and Fantagraphics I don’t have to in order to enjoy these books.  With a troupe of fine translators and an good eye for quality they are bringing brilliant stories alive for the English-speaking world.  Showcasing many of the best European artists and scriptwriters, they bring variety and a real freshness to a medium that many people feel has become jaded over the years with cheap tricks and money-raking.

In the coming weeks I look forward to reading the following titles to review for you all:-

Thorgal: The Invisible Fortress – A viking adventure with a Conan vibe and a whiff of sci-fi/fantasy.

The Wright Brothers – History dramatised and brought to life.

XIII: El Cascador – Highly regarded action/conspiracy thriller.

Yakari and the Coyote – Children’s adventure with the young Native American and his pals.

The Scorpion: The Devil’s Mark – Renaissance era treasure hunting, action and conspiracy.

Lucky Luke: The Bounty Hunter – The laid-back cowboy meets Lee Van Cleef.

Long John Silver: Lady Vivian Hastings – The charismatic pirate’s ongoing tale.

Green Manor: Vols 1 & 2 – Crime, murder and skullduggery in Victorian England.

Largo Winch: Takeover Bid – Corporate conspiracy, sexy shenanigans and action adventure.


Some of these I’ve heard good things about, some of them are completely new to me.  Join me in my exploration and feel free to post your own comments after each review.  If you missed the previous series why not click on Comic Reviews there on the left hand side of the page and search back for them?

Merry Christmas all, and here’s looking forward to a geektastic new year!

GS Reporter: Dion Winton-Polak

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