Circle of Eight – A new web series comes to Myspace

It seems that with Riese and Girl Number 9 about to hit the net we seem to be caught in the grip of web series fever at the moment. Now we can add another name to the list ‘Circle of Eight’

I’ve set to see any episodes of this new supernatural web series but if the trailer is anything to go by I won’t be disappointed when I finally get to watch it. I’m also intrigued by the idea that the series is interactive though not too sure how that’s going to work at the moment.

You can watch episodes at the main web site check out the press release below for more info. You can also check out the trailer at

“Circle of 8,” is an original interactive thriller produced by Milchan/Van Eyssen for Paramount Digital and Mountain Dew debuting on Myspace in 10 episodes (full dvd to follow).

Circle of Eight stars DJ Qualls, Austin Highsmith, and Ryan Doom.

It’s debuting in episodic form on Myspace starting October 27, 2009.

Check out the official Circle of Eight page and grab the widget featuring photos, wallpaper, character insights and more!

Circle of Eight Trailer:

…And Mark Mothersbaugh scored the film.

Brief synopsis:

Jessica, a newcomer to the City of Angels, has just moved into a loft on the eighth floor of The Dante, a historic and eerie downtown building filled with friendly twenty-something neighbors who eagerly welcome her into their bohemian world. Or do they?

As Jessica races to unravel the mystery behind a chain of horrifying deaths that only she seems to see, she’ll come face-to-face with the chilling truth behind her connection to The Dante. Join her and her hot neighbor, Evan, in ten intense episodes that offer multiple levels of interaction, including hidden clues, mobile content, an online game and exclusive material that builds the back story of the characters and their relationships and gives the audience the chance to affect their futures.

Paramount Digital Entertainment brings you Circle of Eight, starring DJ Qualls (Road Trip, All About Steve), rising stars Austin Highsmith and Ryan Doom and a sizzling cast of the industry’s newest talent. Welcome to the circle, the compelling experience where the fate of the story and the possible redemption of its characters is in your hands.

It’s Not Just A Movie: Paramount Digital Entertainment is taking its commitment to producing premium, studio quality content for launch in the digital window to the next level, becoming the first studio to embrace multiple media storytelling for Circle of Eight. The use of social networking and casual games to enhance the Circle of Eight story supports PDE’s focus on delivering bold, relevant programming where the audience can choose to become passionately involved or passively entertained.

“Circle of 8,” an original interactive thriller produced by Milchan/Van Eyssen for Paramount Digital and Mountain Dew debuting on Myspace in 10 episodes (full dvd to follow).

“Circle of 8” is a studio-quality episodic thriller that invites audiences to participate in the fate of its characters. Along the supernatural journey, numerous plots and engaging interactive elements will provide unprecedented opportunities for unique consumer experiences. Paramount Digital Entertainment (PDE) is distributing the project.

“Paramount Digital Entertainment and Milchan/Van Eyssen are utilizing creative content and state-of-the-art technology in a way that is taking interactive entertainment to a new level,” said Frank Cooper, CMO of sparkling beverages, Pepsi-Cola North America Beverages. “Mountain Dew will play a critical role in evolving the storytelling experience through ‘Circle of 8,’ going far beyond traditional sponsorship and brand integration models.”

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