Clip from Merlin Series 4, Ep 11 “The Hunter’s Heart”

Morgana finds a powerful ally in a powerful warlord with both hatching a perfect plan to force Camelot to it’s knees on this week’s Merlin.

With Arthur distracted by the arrival of the beautiful Princess Mithian, it falls to someone who’s betrayed the King’s trust to raise the alarm. But with past wounds still raw, can Arthur overcome his feelings of betrayal enough to listen or will he ignore the warnings? If it’s the latter, it spells deadly consequences for the heart of Camelot.

This week’s guest cast features Terence Maynard as Helios and Janet Montgomery as Princess Mithian. Behind the cut is a promo clip for the episode airing this Saturday at 8:15PM. Due to technical difficulties, there are no teasers for this week. Apologies Merlin fans!

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