Cockneys vs Zombies Comes to MCM Expo

London’s MCM Expo is coming this month and they have just announced an exclusive Cockneys vs Zombies panel!

If you haven’t heard of Cockneys vs Zombies, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? But here’s a synopsis for you anyway:

‘Cockneys vs Zombies’ follows a group of plucky cousins as they try to rob a bank to save their grandparents’ care home from developers. Little do they know that whilst they’re cleaning out the vault, zombies are cleaning up the East End and shuffling towards Bow Bells’ care home with an appetite for OAPs.

On Saturday the 28th,  The amazing Alan Ford (Snatch & Lock, Stock) is confirmed to appear too, as are “other members of the cast” to take part in a panel on this well received and hilarious film.

The film is side-splittingly funny, so expect this panel to deliver the laughs. Also, go show your love for a British film! We’ll see you all there.

Source: Studio Canal
GS Reporter: Sara Westrop

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