COM.X Graphic Novel ‘Seeds’ to be Adapted as an Animated Film

COM.X latest graphic novel Seeds by Ross Mackintosh has been optioned by Robert Chandler of Space Age Films to be made into an animated film

Seeds is an autobiographical story which details the last days of Mackintosh’s father from his cancer diagnosis, through his decline and beyond his death. Now Due to some unexpected delays Seeds is only just being shipped so expect it in a comic shop near you soon. A portion of the proceeds  from the comic will be going to a Cancer charity and research.

You can check out our review of Seeds here but in short we loved this deeply moving story.

With the success of 45 and awesome and soon to be released Blue Spear it seems that COM.X are fast becoming a comics publisher to watch.

Top comics publisher COM.X and Space Age Films are teaming up to create an animated 30′ film version of their much-lauded graphic novel, SEEDS, created by Ross Mackintosh.

Space Age Films producer Robert Chandler commented:

“Seeds is the kind of book you pick up and before you can help yourself,you’ve read it through to the end. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll have tears in your eyes and feeling a combination of outrage and empathy because you’ll have been on a journey. This is comics at its best. This is the death of Superman, the agony of Batman, the quest of Wolverine. And it’s all here in this simply illustrated book about aman losing his father to cancer.”

“Animation can handle a subject like this in a way that illuminates its dark corners and provides amainline to the heart of thematter. I have two awardwinning film-makers, Hyebin Lee and Philip Bacon, lined up to direct. Hyebin and Philip will bring out the humanity of the story, its honesty and its humour.”

“With the animated film, we’re going to explore further the relationship between the son and his father, and the father’s life, his youth, the things that made him who he was, and so we feel what is at stake and what is
being lost.”

“I want it to be a film that will mean something, even in a small way, to anybody who has lost a loved one to the vileness of cancer. But, of course, it has to bemore than that, it has to explore in a universal way what it means to be a father, and to be a son.”

Com.x partner Eddie Deighton commented:

“We’re extremely pleased with how well-received Ross’ book has been, and to find a production partner such as Space Age Films to adapt this wonderful, heartfelt project was absolutely necessary for us to do the comic the justice and respect it deserves.”

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Com.x  Seeds Blog

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