SDCC 2011: Day 1 – TV Guide’s Fan Favorites

One of the panels I look forward to every year is the TV Guide Fan Favorites panel. There’s always a variety of folks from shows like Chuck and True Blood to newer shows like The River and Ringer. It’s also fun to see the panelists turn fangirl/boy on other panelists because their fans of someone’s show.

This year had panelists Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec (Vampire Diaries), Nestor Carbonell (Ringer), Jorge Garcia (Alcatraz), Zachary Levi (Chuck), Johnny Galecki (The Big Bang Theory), Matt Smith (Doctor Who), Kristin Bauer & Nelsan Ellis (True Blood) and Leslie Hope (The River).

The best moment was when the audio from the Chuck clip wasn’t playing along with the video. What’s the show’s star going to do? Ad-lib! Jorge Garcia & Zac Levi completely hammed it up “acting” out the scene being shown on screen – hilarious! Garcia also provided Levi with some sage advice about ending a series: ”Don’t go with the you’re-all-dead ending. It alienates some people, and they’ll tell you over and over again how much they loved the series that hated the ending.” That goes for Battlestar Galactica too!

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There was a wide variety of topics that were discussed but the best one: when did each panelist realize that their show was a fan favorite? Some great responses behind the cut:

  • Kevin Williamson figured it out via Twitter!
  • For Julie Plec it was ”when Ian Somerhalder beat Robert Pattinson in a favorite vampire contest.” Sparkling vamps aren’t in anymore I guess.
  • Nestor Carbonell said that it was when he jumped into a show that was already a hit. He was previously on Lost as Richard Alpert and his new show Ringer stars Sarah Michelle Gellar, better known to everyone as Buffy Summers.
  • In addition to the high ratings for the Alcatraz pilot, Jorge Garcia getting recognized by a flight attendant solidified his fan favorite status for him.
  • For TV Guide Fan Favorite alum Zachary Levi, it was when the Chuck pilot screened at Comic-Con and got a standing ovation from 2,000 people who he joked probably all came to see Adam Baldwin (of Firefly fame)!
  • Johnny Galecki blamed Levi by saying ”Zac stole my answer.”
  • The Doctor, Matt Smith talked to the longevity of the British series: ”For me, it’s quite remarkable to jump into something with a legacy.”
  • Playing fashionista vamp with an attitude, Kristin Bauer said ”I think it’s starting to sink in.” Not sure if she meant that as a pun or not!
  • Nelsan Ellis said ”I think I found out when y’all told me.”
  • For Leslie Hope, she mentioned that she read things on the internet and discovered 24 was popular.

A clip from the panel below:

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