Geek Syndicate at Comic-Con 2011: Day 3 – Futurama & Family Guy

Saturday was another really long (and really crazy) day in Ballroom 20, with a lot of really cool panels.  I was lucky enough to snag a good seat for most of the action, so here’s the run down on the Futurama and Family Guy panels.


First up was Futurama – the panelists included Katey Sagal, Phil LaMarr, Billy West, John DiMaggio, David X. Cohen, Peter Abisino and Matt Groening.  I haven’t kept up with Futurama over the years, but everyone on the panel was so funny and charming that I may pick it up again.  Here are some highlights from the panel:

  • the panel kicked off with an awesome anime-style clip from the season finale – the crowd went totally nuts for it;
  • the show has been renewed for two more seasons on Comedy Central;
  • there is a new Futurama mobile app – the Futurama Head In A Jar app!
  • Billy West, who is starring in the upcoming Looney Toons movie, gave us his best Elmer Fudd;
  • Matt Groening and Peter Abisino had a cartoon-off to see who could draw the best Bender – Matt Groening won (duh), and all of the sketches created during the smackdown went to Futurama cosplayers.
Click on the pictures below to enlarge and to go to our album for Comic Con Day 3, where you’ll find more Futurama, as well as pictures from all the other Ballroom 20 action.

Next up was the panel for Family Guy, which I swear was the dirtiest panel at all of Comic Con – though I think given the panelists, that is no surprise.  Joining us for the Family Guy panel were Seth MacFarlane, Mike Henry, Seth Green, Alex Borstein and Patrick Warburton.  Some highlights from the panel:
  • lots of x-rated sign language interpretation!
  • tons of awesome guest stars coming up in the new season, including Ryan Reynolds, Ricky Gervais, Cate Blanchett and Marc Harmon;
  • there will be a Family Guy movie at some point – they just need to get around to it;
  • more x-rated sign language interpretation – when I said it was a dirty panel, I meant it.
Check out some pictures of the panel below – you know the drill, click to enlarge and to go to the full album for Comic Con Day 3.

GS Reporter: Mirjana

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