SDCC 2011: Day 3 – CHUCK

On Saturday at 11:00 AM, I don’t think there was a dry eye anywhere. Because  45 minutes earlier, it was the beginning of the last Chuck panel that will ever grace Comic-Con’s Ballroom 20 and as a huge fan of the show since it began airing 4 years ago, I’m sad to see it leaving our screens after this fifth and final season.

Series star Zachary Levi gave a teary farewell to the dedicated fanbase that has kept the bubble show on the air year after year and the cast (minus Sarah Lancaster and series co-creator Josh Schwartz) received a standing ovation at the end of the hour; the only one of the day as far as I know.

However, it wasn’t all sad faces at the panel — in fact, the cast was in high spirits about what’s to come in the Fall with the big game changer in the season four finale. And to that end, we were treated to a great clip: “Chuck Season 5: We’re Doomed” which shows Ryan McPartlin’s Captain Awesome training the new (but maybe not so improved) Intersect, Morgan Grimes!

It’s a great way to bring the story of Chuck Bartowski, the unassuming nerd-turned-spy-by-accident, full circle and harken back to his first season as the Intersect. Click behind the cut for more photos, video of the panel and highlights. Viva la Nerdolution!

Some highlights from the panel:

  • Chris Fedak (series co-creator) promised that the show will close out the series in an amazing and fantastic way. Hopefully not leave us hanging!
  • Joshua Gomez’s thoughts on Morgan being the new intersect? “Holy Crap!”
  • This final season will be about Chuck having to rely on his skills as a spy without the superpowers to back him up. A “back to basics” if you will. We’ve heard all about how Chuck has this brilliant mind, now he’ll finally be allowed to use it!
  • Chuck and Co. form their own spy company called Carmichael Industries, which has them butting heads with their former employers, the CIA and NSA.
  • Casey will get some lovin’ next season it the form of one Lara Flynn Boyle! However it’s not all fun and games as said romantic interest will cause problems for the newly formed spy squad.
  • Chuck has had some amazing guest starts but maybe none as huge as this: Mark Hamill be appearing as a major villain! (I will not make a Star Wars joke…I will not make a Star Wars joke…)
  • And last but certainly not least, with an audible gasp afterwards Fedak revealed that a major character on the show may not survive to the final episode.


The video of the panel below (thanks to DTRShow) or watch the official NBC video at this link:

GS Reporter: Sharlene

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