SDCC 2011: Preview Night – The Exhibit Floor

The geeks shall inherit the Earth or so the saying goes. And you know what? It will probably all start in San Diego. Last week, Mirjana and I attended the biggest annual geekfest in the Americas also known as San Diego Comic-Con International and had the time of our lives — even with the enormous crowds!

Over the next week or so, we’ll be posting up photos from the panels we attended as well as some interviews with the casts of Torchwood: Miracle Day and Merlin. First up is preview night, which is supposed to be less crazy than the rest of the convention. They lied!

If you’ve never been, this is the night to explore the exhibit floor, get yourself acquainted with the layout of the convention center and witness people (and possibly yourself) lining up for the exclusives that are being sold. My favorite part is seeing the tons of props and replicas from my favorite movies and shows. There was a DeLorean from “Back to the Future”, Green Lantern’s lantern, and my absolute favorite was (of course!) the full-sized replica of the TARDIS at the Quantum Mechanix booth. I may or may not have bounced around like a kid on Christmas when I saw it!

Click on it behind the cut to see photos from Preview Night!

Vwoosh! Vwoosh!

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  1. godannotook /

    Thanks for posting, looking forward to all the rest of your stuff …. if all the Geeks in the world who wanted to be there could have been there then we’d have spread out across the entire state.

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