COMIC CON COUNTDOWN 1: The Cardiff Independent Comic Expo 2017 Awaits!!

This Saturday (8th July) looks like it’s going to be a day long remembered for Indie creators. It has  seen the end of Kenobi and it soon see the end of the Rebelli…oops sorry wrong speech!

Yes so where was I? ah yes the age old GS comic con countdown! This Saturday sees, not only, a whole day dedicated to all things Small Press (big up to #SmallPressDay2017) but also the Cardiff Independent Comic Expo 2017 opens its doors for what promises to be a cracking day for comics.

CICE, held at the Cardiff Masonic Hall, is running for just one day and is a non profit event. Organiser Iz McAuliffe and her crack team have assembled a whole heap of guests, comic creators, publishers, panels and other goodies for attendees.

I’ve known Iz for a number of years and seen her passion for the indie comic scene first hand. If she is behind this then I can promise you it’s going to be an event full of heart.

Speaking of the indie comic scene  the selection at CICE looks varied so I’m pretty sure attendees will find something to whet the old art palette.

If you want some more behind the scenes info on what you can expect the Awesome Comics Podcast has been chatting to Iz about the event. You can get a listen to that here. I would also recommend folks subscribe to the Awesome Comics Podcast if you into finding out more about indie comics as it a fun podcast, with some interesting (yes I managed to bribe my way onto it) guests and topics.

Although online tickets for CICE are now closed interested punters can buy tickets on the door. The price is £6.50 while they are still available. All the exhibitor tables have already sold out so their should be plenty of content at the show.

I’ll be back tomorrow (with less Star Wars quotes hopefully) with a look at some of the guests and exhibitors who are going to be displaying their wares at the convention.

To see the news is it happens you can follow CICE on Twitter: @CardiffExpo 

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Source: Cardiff Comic Expo

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