COMIC NEWS: Porcelain: A Gothic Fairy Tale gets February “Indie” Release

Improper Books’ new graphic novel has been mentioned a few times on Geek Syndicate and very soon if you live close to one of these comic shops you’ll be able to get your hands on a copy!


A limited, indie release of PORCELAIN: A GOTHIC FAIRY TALE is taking place on Wednesday, February 27th. A 96 page graphic novel, Porcelain will be available from supporting retailers, PAGE 45 (Nottingham), TRAVELLING MAN (Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle and York), GOSH! (London) and ORBITAL COMICS (London), and is currently available to pre-order from them.

In addition, a free digital promo of the first 12 pages of Porcelain is now available to view and download via:

Written by Benjamin Read, illustrated by Chris Wildgoose, coloured by André May, and lettered by Jim Campbell, PORCELAIN: A GOTHIC FAIRY TALE is set within a world that’s a darkly magical echo of our own. It follows the story of a street urchin, known as Child, who leaves the cold streets of a snowy city behind when she climbs the high wall into the Porcelain Maker’s secret garden in a bid to steal whatever she can.

The Porcelain Maker discovers Child trespassing but, amused by her audacity, he offers her the chance to stay. He’s a lonely man, kept company only by his alchemically-powered automata, and he and Child form an unlikely friendship.

Shut off from the world beyond the wall, Child wants or needs for nothing as the Porcelain Maker heaps affection and luxury upon her, indulging her like a daughter. In return, she can do as she pleases, except for one command, one rule that must never be broken, she must not look behind the workshop door.

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GS Reporter: Dave W

Source: Improper Books

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