COMIC NEWS: The Return of Comic Heroes Magazine

There is no official confirmation as to whether Comic Heroes Magazine was actually frozen in carbonite or just doing time on regular ice as a magsicle during its year long hiatus, but we at Geek Syndicate are very happy indeed to announce its return.

The mag re-launched in October 2015 with a shiny new look but with the same goal in mind as its editor Will Salmon told us: “As you might have guessed from the name Comic Heroes is dedicated 100% to one thing: comic books. Lovely, weird, crazy, glorious, comic books. While we always lead off with the big mainstream superhero titles, we’re equally happy to shine a light on lesser known titles, cool indie series and graphic novels old and new.” We think this is what makes Comic Heroes a little bit special; it’s not just telling us what we already know about, and it’s very accessible with something for absolutely every comics fan.

To celebrate its return and tying into the release of the January issue, Orbital Comics hosted a launch party on Friday 15th. Special guests included Kieron Gillen, Jessica Martin, Paul Cornell and Rachael Stott, who were interviewed as a panel by Orbital’s Chris Thompson. If you fancy re-living the evening or if you weren’t able to come along, check out the podcast. It was a brilliant night, with plenty of opportunities to embarrass yourself talking to some amazing artists and writers, which naturally Geek Syndicate took advantage of. You know, on your behalf. Because we’re nice like that.


First we managed to catch up with Paul Cornell: “I think it’s excellent that there’s a magazine like Comic Heroes out there, covering the whole field in a populist way. I have a number of exciting comics projects coming up this year that I can’t talk about yet, but one I can mention is the Warcraft graphic novel – a proper 100 plus page one off book – Bonds of Brotherhood, which acts as a prequel to this summer’s blockbuster movie. It’s been great to write an original fantasy story in such an accessible, new-viewer-friendly universe, and it draws on the plots of the movie-makers, making it seamlessly lead to the film”.

Meanwhile, Darth Vader writer Kieron Gillen achieved peak British when we asked why he is happy to see Comic Heroes revived and what he’s been working on: “I have done various comics which have sold various amounts and to varying critical appeal. I am excited to be involved as I suspect I may get a free drink out of it”. (We can confirm that Kieron did get a free drink, and also that if you haven’t already you need to check out his series The Wicked + The Divine).

Rachael Stott tocomic heroes 2ld us: “I think it’s great to have a magazine like Comic Heroes out there, it’s really reassuring, especially as it focuses on indie comics as well as all the big names. It’s such a great way of discovering new comics”. If you’re a Doctor Who fan, you should check on Rachael’s work on the official Twelfth Doctor comics – issue 1 of Year 2 is out now.

If you’re after a real change of pace, Jessica Martin’s Elsie Harris Picture Palace sounds utterly fabulous: “I love the kind of glamorous golden age of Hollywood and Elsie is this classic, strong female protagonist from another era. She’s not a superhero but she has her own real tangible skills.”

The January issue of Comic Heroes is out now and features a 22 page section dedicated to Superman and Batman, while on the Marvel side there’s an interview with Deadpool’s co-creator Rob Liefeld. Away from the caped and cowled crusaders, there’s a chat with Chuck Palahniuk about Fight Club 2, a look at the history of Asterix, and new regular feature Lost Treasures debuts with a look at Nick Abadzis’ Laika. Priced at a very pocket-money friendly £7.99, Comic Heroes Magazine is a real treat for fans of the medium and we hope it sticks around for good this time. Well, what are you waiting for, comic fans? Suit up and get down to your nearest newsagent or comic shop!

GS Blogger: Michaela Gray (@bookiesnacksize)

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