COMIC PREVIEW: 2000AD Prog 1797

We take a look at latest issue of 2000AD and give the low down and as Tharg says “all the current run of stories are all heading for their respective climaxes in Prog 1799 to make way for a brand-new roster of Thrills to hit your diodes in Prog 1800”.

As usual we kick off with Judge Dredd in Heavy Ordnance where the judges are raiding the base of Dora Bella Lefane whose crew stole some weapons from the evidence lock up. Dredd and the other Judges need to find her before it is too late.
Writen by Michael Carroll and art by Smudge this contained Dredd tale is fast and furious and just a taste of what to expect from the new Dredd movie just around the corner.

Next is Tharg’s Future shocks and a tale of giant robots that meshes manga and a hint of with western art This tale will grab you from the start and will want you to stick around or the next chapter. Art by John Davis Hunt and words by Tom Taylor This is my favourite entry of this prog!

Aquila follows with the next instalment in his tale The Blood of the Iceni and the quest for the Spartan comes to a head as we get ready for a big showdown. Some great visuals by Leigh Gallagher move this chapter along and the words by Gordon Rennie are few but powerful.

The Grievous Journey of Ichabod Azrael continues in tale of the outlaw brough back to life and being pursued through time by The Hunter. This tale really needs you to have read the previous parts to make sure that you not only keep up but fully indulge in this crazy yet touching tale. Script by Rob Williams and art by Antonio Fuso. Some of the scenes are just to crazy for words that you have to see them to believe them.

Rounding out the PROG is Lenny Zero in Zero 7. The EX Judge is planning a heist against the Judges but some very strange things happen during the event that will not make the Judges happy or will it? The story is by Andy Diggle and art by one of my favourite cover artists Ben Willsher.


PROG 1797 comes out on 22nd August at all good stores and online.

Source: 2000AD
GS Reporter: Montoya

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