If you love old school space opera then check out Mark Millar’s STARLIGHT from Image Comics on Feb 24. I read the comic as single issues and I can’t recommend this one enough.

I did go into this with the notion that this was going to be kick-ass in space or something but I could not have been more wrong.The comic felt like a cross between Flash Gordon, Disney’s UP! and a dash of Gran Torino.

The art is lush and really does a great job at creating a lush and colourful canvas for Duke McQueen’s adventures to take place in.

The Comic is available for pre-order now. There is a film in development but to be honest the comic more than filled my space opera quota. If the film is great then that is just the cherry on an already spectacular cake. I would also pay good money to see some of Duke McQueen’s earlier adventures in comic form.

Forty years ago, Air Force test pilot Duke McQueen saved the universe. Then he came home from a splendorous alien world, married his best girl, settled down, had two sons, and grew old. His stories of his journey across galaxies became the subject of whispered ridicule. But in STARLIGHT, the Image Comics graphic novel by superstar comics writer Mark Millar (JUPITER’S LEGACY, Kick-Ass) and artist Goran Parlov, Duke — alone after his sons leave home and his wife dies — gets a message from space: the Universe needs a hero again.

A sweeping science fiction epic, STARLIGHT features Millar’s most heartfelt storytelling to date, while Parlov depicts with equal skill a dazzling alien planet and and old man’s loneliness with his gorgeous, Moebius-esque art. Duke is returning to Tantalus a legendary hero, but is he still the man he was forty years ago?

STARLIGHT by Mark Millar and Goran Parlov (colors by Ive Svorcina), cover by John Cassaday

  • ISBN 978-1-63215-017-2
  • Diamond Comic order code DEC140693
  • 168 pages, paperback, color
  • $14.99
  • Collects STARLIGHT #1-6
  • Rated Teen Plus
  • In comic book stores February 11, bookstores February 24






Source:Image Comics
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