Comic Review – 2000AD’s The Taxidermist

Further to my previous post (see here) below is my review on this collection of story’s from the pages of 2000AD. It is released on 17th March 2011 £14.99.


Script: John Wagner & Alan Grant
Art: Cam Kennedy & Mark Farmer
Letters: Tom Frame

The first story is the introduction of the Taxidermist and features a plot that revolves around a mob killing. The story gives us glimpses into Jacob Sardini’s life and his passion in his work. It also teases us about his past life in the Olympics years before. The writing is tight and you get into the mind of the character quiet easily. Judge Dredd does appear in this story but it is about the Taxidermist so he takes centre stage. The one thing I could not get over was that Dredd did not look right. I know each artist has their own take on Dredd but it just did not sit well with me. Apart from that it is a good introduction to Sardini and the rest of the art looks great.

Script: John Wagner
Art: Ian Gibson
Letters: Annie Parkhouse

The next volume is set a few years later as Sardini gets a 2nd chance to take part in the Olympics Taxidermy event that he came in Silver many years before. Judge Dredd only makes a cameo in this story and that is fine with me as the rest of the story is very enjoyable and John Wagner has done a kind of love song to Sardini. We get some good funny moments across the various events including the staring event and the sex event and also some murder in the synchronised swimming event. As before Sardini gets into trouble that is not his doing but he handles himself well in the end.

Script: John Wagner
Art: Trevor Hairsine & Alan Craddock
Letters: Tom Frame

Although this at first seemed like a final goodbye to the character it does not seem to do it justice. There is nothing wrong with the story but it feels like a Judge Dredd story and not a Sardini story as pr the previous entries. The art is good and this time I felt that Dredd looked spot on. This is a short revenge story that gives some closure to the Taxidermist.

Overall a good collection that I enjoyed and it was good to revisit the stories after a long time away and to see that time has not dulled them too much.

Source: Rebellion2000AD

GS Reporter: Montoya


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