COMIC REVIEW: Atomic Robo and the Flying She-Devils of the Pacific

Created in 1923 by Nikola Tesla, the most insanely awesome (a little more emphasis on insane) inventor of all time, Atomic Robo has “lived” through some of the most pivotal events in history. In his latest published adventure, we get taken back to 1951, where Robo is flying a prototype airplane over the South Pacific. He’s shot down, and meets a group that surprises even him.

We start the story with Robo being shot down over the South Pacific by some odd looking aircraft, only to be saved by some jetpack wearing women. These women bring him back to their island base, one that’s not on any maps, a place known as She-Devil Island. Robo gets back to their base, marveling at their technology. He then learns how the South Pacific works now, after WWII, and just why all these women are out here on this island. Meanwhile, back at the Japanese base, we find out that the men who shot down Robo have followed him and the She-Devils back to their island, and have less than nice things in store for them.

The writing on Atomic Robo is wonderful. Brian Clevinger’s writing takes a character that isn’t human at all, and makes it into one of the most human and relatable characters I’ve ever read. He’s funny, witty, and lovable. You understand how he feels and thinks, and you can’t help but like him. He makes wise cracks, much like Spider-Man, but there’s something special about it. Clevinger has created something that is genuinely enjoyable and leaves you smiling at the end, while still being a story with great writing. That, folks, is a true accomplishment.

The art, too, is great. It’s spot-on for the feel that you get from Atomic Robo. Scott Wegna does a great job with the art, lending a fairly simple look to Atomic Robo, but definitely not leaving the reader wanting. I’m a big fan of good facial expression in comics, and Wegna does it well. When the characters are supposed to be amused, they look amused. When they’re surprised, they look surprised. He does this well, and that makes a lot of difference in the overall feel of the comic.

Overall, there is nothing that isn’t to like. This promises to lead into another epic and exciting adventure for our robotic protagonist and his new friends. I’m looking forward to see where this particular arc goes, and definitely hoping that Robo gets his own jetpack! Pick it up, people, and support a great story put out by Red5 Comics.

Rating: 4/5

GS Reviewer: Leo Johnson

Source: Atomic Robo

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