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Atomic Robo: Deadly Art of Science #3 continues the exploits of a young Robo who is currently on his first real adventure. In this issue Robo argues with his father, Nikola Tesla, and leaves home to train with Jack Tarot whilst they investigate the mob’s recent thefts of a Crystal Skull and some scientific equipment. 

As I said in the review of issue #2 I love this version of Robo. He acts just like any other teenager who is at the age where they feel they are old enough to do what they want but their parents disagree. This leads to an argument between Tesla and Robo that I’m sure nearly every one of us have had at one time with our own parents, I know I have. Brian Clevinger writes a totally believable father and son dynamic between a mad scientist and a robot.

The training sequence between Robo and Jack Tarot in this issue is exceptional. We finally get to see where Robo learnt most of his skills that we see in the earlier books. The sequence is also interspersed with Robo getting to know Jack’s Daughter Helen which leads to some romance for Robo and leads us to the disturbing panel below.

We are left with the tease that Thomas Edison is up to something, and since Edison is evil it can’t be good! Maybe we are going to see the events that lead up to whatever it is that happened to Edison to make him the villainous monster we saw in earlier Robo stories.

The artwork in this issue is once again excellent! Scott Wegner once again brings his best skills makes an issue with very little action really interesting to look at. I’ve said it before but Scott has an amazing talent at making these characters show real emotion, this is especially true with Robo, a character without any facial features is still drawn in a way that you can tell when he is happy, Sad, Embarrassed or Angry.

The writing is great and the art is exceptionally good! However once again there is very little action most of the issue is the characters talking back and forth but the creative team really pull it off and make a book that is an absolute joy to read.

Atomic Robo: Deadly Art of Science #2 gets a Massive 4.5 out of 5. If you’ve never read Robo I recommend you run out now and buy every trade you can and get caught up quick because it just keeps getting better and better.

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