COMIC REVIEW: Cyber Force #3

Cyber-Force-3_CAThe original Cyber Force was created by artist Marc Silvestri and writer Eric Silvestri in 1992, and featured a team of mutants who were not at all like any other team of mutants. This team lived in a world in which a science-based corporation called Cyberdata wanted to take over the world.

In 2012, a new version came out, funded by crowd-sourcing operation Kickstarter. Issue 2 came out in December 2012, and issue 3 came out on 13 February 2013.



The corporation, now known as CDI, engineers these ‘technologically enhanced humans’. So, not mutants. Although they have the same character names such as Ripclaw and Aphrodite. CDI is opposed by a group of rebels. The first third of issue 3 is taken up with exposition, as a ‘future’ is revealed via geological and genetic manipulation. The rest of the comic is essentially a family drama and a mystery surrounding who exactly Morgan Stryker is. How do the rebels fit in with the grand plans and why is Carin wining about her dog? There’s plenty of crash and boom and some shooting and some fighting and to be honest, not a lot happens.

This episode is written by Marc Silvestri (also billed as creator, art director and character designer – clearly this project is a labour of love) and pencilled by Khoi Pham. Dialogue is fairly standard fare for these apocalyptic style cyperpunk-lite narratives. I’m not sure who this is aimed at. There is plenty of violence and drama and big guns, and yet they censor the fƐ%#ing language! This is clearly set in an alternative earth, but there is an obscure reference to Helen Keller. The tropes are very familiar; corporations seeking to rule the world, genetic manipulation of the ignorant populus, someone in the family is not all they seem to be, etc.

The main appeal to this issue, and maybe Cyber Force generally, is the art. It is colourful, dynamic and fun. The character designs are cool if not particularly original. There is a lot of dialogue in many of the frames, and a lot of exposition too. Issues 1 and 2 were more enjoyable than this issue, so I’m hoping this is a kind of mid-season pause while thoughts are gathered and plot strands come together.

The Cyber Force project, being crowd-funded, is an admirable effort and for the most part, enjoyable in a popcorn sort of way. Issue 3, however, should have been a little better.


Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Ian J Simpson

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