COMIC REVIEW: Earth 2 #3

Three issues into DC Comics’ Earth 2 series and the world that the series takes place is still taking shape. Writer James Robinson and penciller Nicola Scott are clearly crafting a grand series of sweeping scope in a world that has lost the DC trinity of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, but the comic shows little sign of getting anywhere beyond a cameo tussle and an origin story.

In Earth 2 #3, following a train crash, a battered, burned, and bleeding Alan Scott encounters a strange, green-flamed, entity that informs him of his destiny. Elsewhere young Jay Garrick meets his first superhuman – Hawkgirl – but is she friend or foe?

The issue, like the Earth 2 series thus far, is a fun read but it suffers somewhat from a slow pace, and with this month it is starting to show. Some important things happen in the issue as the origin of Earth 2‘s Green Lantern is told, however we are three issues into the series and not much has really happened or been shown of the world since the explosive first issue. This is a shame as James Robinson, famed for his 1990s Starman series, is a capable story teller and seemingly has more creative freedom on this comic than on his recent unspectacular run on Justice League, prior to the New 52 relaunch.

Nicola Scott is a wonder and her art is the biggest selling point for this promising series. Her characters are dynamic, her handling of emotion compelling, and through it all the comic retains an epic, widescreen scope and sensibility that makes you excited to see what is to come in the next few months.

While the issue itself suffers from slow-pace syndrome (being in the beginning-to-middle of an opening story arc), there is an error that I found rather off-putting about the issue. There is a page which is clearly missing a line of dialogue and is very jarring for the reader. That this mistake got past editorial is a tad worrying about the longtime viability and DC’s faith in the series if it is unable to keep everything consistent panel to panel.

Overall Earth 2 #3 continues the opening story of the alternate universe series but by itself is rather weak and not the best place for new readers to start, nor especially satisfying for established readers. James Robinson and Nicola Scott are building something interesting but here’s hoping that future issues don’t feel as thin on plot development.

GS Rating: 2.5/5

GS Reviewer: Dean Simons

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  1. Boris /

    Where was the missing line of dialogue?

    I didn’t even notice it. I think I’ve already decided I’m dropping this after the first arc. It needs to have a great epic end to keep me comic back and something says that won’t happen.

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