Saga, the series that may just be the best new series of the year, adds another fantastic issue to its run this week.

A sci-fi space epic of lovers battling what seems to be the whole universe merely to save their child, Saga hits all the right notes. With this issue and the previous one, we’re treated to more story for some of the supporting characters that currently hunt Marko, Alana, and Hazel.

We start off with Prince Robot sitting in the bathroom, reading a book, when he gets a call from his princess. She’s pregnant and it’s been decided that he can’t return to the Robot Kingdom until after Marko and Alana have been taken care of. Meanwhile, Marko and Alana face off against the soldiers threatening them, and make very short work of them, while managing to kill none. Then, we cut to The Will as he tries to escape Sextillion with the slave girl, only to be stopped due to the fact that he doesn’t have enough money to cover her. As Marko and Alana escape and Hazel has her first laugh, Stalk comes across the bloodied soldiers and receives a call from The Will about a team-up. Prince Robot arrives on the scene and after a misunderstanding, Stalk ends her call abruptly.

Brian K. Vaughan is at the top of his game with his current writing. I absolutely love the epic scale that Saga is unfolding upon. His characters are well thought out and characterized very well. His dialogue is perfect, and his storytelling well paced. I honestly don’t see how he could do better, but he consistently does issue after issue. BKV is writing what is easily shaping up to be the best new series of the year.

Fiona Staples’ art is magnificent. What BKV does for Saga with his words, Staples does just as much with her pen and ink. Her illustrations are so well done. Her backdrops are beautiful and her characters are expressive. I honestly couldn’t think of anyone better for this book than her, and each issue she only reaffirms it.

Overall, this is another perfect issue. If Saga came out every week, I would read it every week, but, unfortunately, it only comes out once a month. Even so, it’s definitely a series that is worth a look for anyone who hasn’t already checked it out.

GS Rating: 5/5

GS Reviewer: Leo Johnson

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