COMIC REVIEW: Secret Agent Poyo #1

Arguably the most popular character from Chew, Poyo is a luchador rooster that can kill an entire squad of armed men. Because Poyo is just so great, John Layman and Rob Guillory, creators of Chew have given him his own one-shot spinoff, titled Secret Agent Poyo. What the pages of the comic contain may just be the greatest moments in comic history.

After Poyo is riddled with mercury-tipped, hollow point .45 caliber rounds, he’s on the brink of death. As doctors operate to save him, rebuilding him into something even better and more dangerous, he fights for his soul against the legions of Hell. And he wins. Because he’s Poyo. After fighting his way back from death and being rebuilt to be the world’s only cybernetic, luchador rooster, Poyo goes on a mission. It seems a mad scientist has struck England with a device that makes it rain farm animals, and is now threatening the world! Poyo is the only chicken that can stop this dastardly villain’s plan, and he does it in the way that only Poyo can.

John Layman is a mad genius. The fact that he not only chose to write a comic about a cybernetic, luchador rooster, but made it such an enjoyable read speaks volumes about his talent as a writer. Just let that sink in. He wrote a comic about a rooster. With robot parts. And a tiny luchador mask. And that comic was great. I’m convinced John Layman could write a comic about anything, and that comic would be enjoyable. Is Secret Agent Poyo is the most complex, deep story you’ve ever read? No. Does it leave you with a huge smile on your face? Yes, yes it does. And isn’t enjoyment what comics are really about?

Rob Guillory works his artistic magic with this book as well. His art is very distinct, and has become the trademark of Chew. He makes the best looking luchador rooster I’ve ever seen, and has such expressive characters, Poyo included. His addition of the little things, like a little fire on Poyo’s wing as he descends from the sky going Mach 5, just make the art all the better. Guillory’s art just works so well with the insanity that is Chew and Secret Agent Poyo.

Overall, I love this book, because I love Chew and the character Poyo. All that aside, it’s just a fun read. Layman writes a well-paced, fun story and Guillory’s art compliments it well. It comes together to make what is the most fun I’ve had reading a comic in a long time. Buy it. Buy ten copies and pass them on to your kids. It will be a comic that needs to be passed on.

GS Rating: 5/5

GS Reviewer: Leo Johnson

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