COMIC REVIEW: Spike – A Dark Place #1

Our favourite platinum blonde vampire is back in a solo series entitled “Spike”, sums the character up really – sharp, distinct and to the point.

Spinning out of the events of Buffy Season 9, Spike is brooding on the Dark Side of the moon (yes the Pink Floyd song is reference).  Spike’s crew of bugs (literal bugs) decide he needs to “be in the light” and while Spike is relaxing the ships is attacked by a gang of frog/alien/shark demons.  A cliffhanger ending and that’s your lot.

I was/am a Buffy and Angel fan.  My favourite character was Spike, he wore the best outfit, he had the attitude and brought the laughs.  While I loved Buffy, it was a bit ridiculous but Spike always brought the Scoobies back to earth with a witty, sarcastic, two-fingered landing.  I am more than happy to see Spike back in a solo series.  This comic has promise although a big opportunity for jokes is missed with all the references to brooding and not once is Angel mentioned (the highlight of the entire series was Spike and Angel’s  relationship in my opinion and no not THAT kind of relationship you slash fiction fans!).

The book seems quite short and the action comes in right at the end so it’s a bit of a slow start.  The bugs are funny, it’s good to see Spike with a crew that actually does hang on his word.  While I wouldn’t say each bug has a character, I would say they are highly amusing and I would like to see where they go with Spike for a while.  Spike is written well, his usual language present and the art is solid.

Written by Victor Gischler with art by Paul Lee, Jenny Frisons and Andy Owens, letters by Richard Starkings and Jimmy Betancourt.

If you are a Spike fan you will want to pick it up.


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