COMIC REVIEW: The Thing – The Northman Nightmare

Available now, and free of charge, Dark Horse Comics have released a new e-comic to coincide with the recent The Thing prequel. This story tells of the morphing killer aliens clashing with a tribe of Norsemen in the barren ancient landscape of Greenland in winter. They find that Man still is the warmest place to hide…

Well, let me start by stating that whilst this comic was released to coincide with the recent The Thing prequel, happily it has nothing to do with that movie.

This particular comic takes the Thing story line and replants it in the Northern wasteland during the days of the Vikings. I have to say that generally I really like this approach, which worked very well for the Predator comics in the past. Occasionally writers transplanted the galaxy’s favourite hunters into different points in our history and put together a good story of fighting some of our history’s greatest fighters. We have a habit of forgetting that technology & progress have made us physically weak in modern times, and that many of our ancestors reflect the best warriors in our collective timeline for endurance, strength and fighting skills.

In this tale, a group of Norsemen arrive in Greenland and, after surviving the bitter cold and the thin ice, they happen upon a village inhabited by a strange group of women. Almost siren-like, it appears that there is more than meets the eye to these ladies… and the band of Vikings find themselves fighting against something nastier than an emohawk.

Definitely worth a read, this is a well written story that doesn’t drag and delivers a nice little ending (no spoilers!). I might now finally wake from the recurring nightmare I have of being trapped in a cinema with the prequel on a loop.

The comic is available free of charge on iTunes or Google Play within the Dark Horse Comics app.

Rating: 3.5/5
GS Reporter: SilverFox

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