COMIC REVIEW: Thief of Thieves #6

Thief of Thieves is about, well, thieves. We follow Redmond, real name Conrad, the world’s greatest thief, and his struggle to give up his thieving life. He makes deals, sells people out, and goes against his better judgment all so he can possibly get a shadow of the one thing he could never steal: his old life.

This issue is all about the heist and its ramifications. Conrad has seemingly sold out his old crew for a chance to help out his son. The heist goes as Conrad planned, ending with the capture and arrest of his former crew, causing Cohen to celebrate. Celia is understandably less than happy with the way things turned out and shows up at Conrad’s house, seeking revenge. Conrad tells Celia that he can explain things, as the crew he seemingly sold out walks out of jail completely free.

Robert Kirkman has given Nick Spencer a great script to work with. The writing is full of snappy dialogue and tense moments. His characters are given a life of their own. You become invested in the characters, and, especially with this issue, invested in how things are going to turn out for them now that the heist has gone bad. Spencer shows a great grasp of how people actually speak, and his writing has always been full of this grasp. Kirkman should definitely be commended for coming up with such a great concept, and choosing such a talented writer to work on this first arc.

Shawn Martinbrough does an exquisite job on the art. The expressiveness of the characters and the great attention to detail are great work on his part. The body language of the characters is conveyed wonderfully through the art, adding another level of depth to the overall narrative through the wonderful, wonderful art.

Overall, this first arc of Thief of Thieves is making a very strong showing. Nick Spencer is making a strong lead with writing and Shawn Martinbrough is making some fantastic art. It’s definitely a must read for any fan of great comics.

GS Rating: 4.5/5

GS Reviewer: Leo Johnson

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