COMIC REVIEW: Thief of Thieves #7

In the last issue with Nick Spencer as writer, we find that Conrad, a.k.a. Redmond, is miles ahead of the authorities and everyone else involved in the schemes that he comes up with.

The issue outlines how Conrad has once again outsmarted everyone around him with his latest scheme. In order to save his son, he crosses the police, crosses his partners, and makes a deal that he would prefer he never made. All in all, Conrad comes up with what may be his most brilliant plan yet, and one which he can’t help but be a part of. He saves his son, and makes sure that the evidence that would be used to convict him is long gone. The brilliant scheme works out well for everyone but Conrad, causing his to use a choice word in the final page of the comic.

I’m a fan of Nick Spencer’s writing already, but this single issue just made me even more of a fan. Just something about the simplicity, but also the feeling behind that single word that Conrad utters in the final page made the book for me. I admit, I may have uttered the same word myself when I finished, since this was Nick’s last issue on Thief of Thieves. As always, his writing is a treat, and though I’m sure the next writer will be just as great, Nick’s writing will be missed.

The art hits all the right notes, as it has for the last six issues. The characters are expressive and everything is done as it should be. Shawn Martinbrough makes Thief of Thieves come alive with his wonderful artwork, making it more than just a well-written story, but a wonderfully beautiful one as well. Everything came together in this issue perfectly and made it a powerful ending to an arc.

As a bonus, a letter I sent in was published in the back of the book! It was nice to see that when I flipped through the issue. So, be on the lookout for that.

Rating: 5/5

GS Reviewer: Leo Johnson


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