COMIC REVIEW – Thought Bubble Anthology 2012

The new Anthology from Thought Bubble Festival is out soon and we’re going to tell you what we think of it…hint…WE LOVE IT!

The 2012 Thought Bubble Anthology is packed with stories from a wide variety of creators. Names include Warren Ellis, Gail Simone, Skottie Young, Kate Beaton and Kristyna Baczynski as an idea to the mix of mainstream and indie darlings involved.

Most of the comic sequential strips are short and sweet and there is something in it for everyone. Whether you like your comics with dudes beating up bigger dudes, something fancy and pretty to look at or even a bit of cartoony goodness this book has everything.

There’s loads of sketches in this anthology (just over 20) and we’re going to tell you about some of our favourites. Puffy by Skottie Young made us howl with laughter, if you’ve ever come face to face with an angry cat you’ll sympathise.

Gail Simone and Tula Lotay have created a gorgeous and funny comic with A Significant Portraiture. A humorous look at Ye Olde fashioned comic shop and a small girl who grows up to become royalty. The colours by John Paul Bove on this comic are sumptuous and lovely too. Lotay is an incredible artist and we love her style.

Due Returns by Kristyna Baczynski is one of the longer stories and it is just beautiful! We love her artwork and the colour hue for the comics is wonderfully muted and simple. There is so much detail in every panel and the story is utterly charming.

There’s also a silly Bond story focusing on the feelings of the poor neglected baddie, an alien having trouble with his scarf, a Strontium Dog & Elephantmen crossover and the threat of Dad’s anatomical ear chasing a poor child around as he tries to create mischief.

The anthology comes out on November 7th from Image comics and it’ll be available in all good comic shops. All profits from the book go to Barnado’s so go buy it and feel good about helping out little kiddies while enjoying a stonkingly good read!

GS rating:4/5
Reporter: Sara Westrop

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