COMICS: Marvel Teases Spider-Men

The internet is on fire today with the news that DC is bringing back Watchmen with a series of prequels. I can imagine the scene in the Marvel offices when the Watchmen news hit the internet, lots of coffee was spat onto a lot of monitors and they had to scramble quickly to get something out there. At least that’s how i like to think it happens in the wacky world of comics.

Marvel released a single image with nothing but the Words “Spider-Men” and “June 2012”.

Now if we put on our thinking caps we can make educated guesses as to just what this image refers to. It’s fairly obvious that this is something to do with the Ultimate Spider-Man Comic as the spider is a joining of 2 spider-man logos, the one on the right is the current Miles Morales symbol and the left side is the older Peter Parker Spider-man.

Peter died a while back and was replaced by Miles. Could this image be a hint that Peter is coming back from the dead, or could it refer to a clone of Peter, or could it be something else? if you consider that “The Amazing Spider-Man” film will be coming out around the same time this comic hits the shelves it is very likely that Marvel would want to have Peter Parker appear in all the Spider-Man books otherwise they run the risk of confusing new readers. 

We’ll all find out in June, probably long before.

Source: Marvel

GS Reporter: Matt Pease

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