ComiXology Upgrade Comics4Kids iOS App

 The market leader in digital comics revitalise their all-ages app for Apple devices, but how does it look?

ComiXology’s Upgraded Comics4Kids iOS App

Makes It Easier Than Ever To Share Comics With Your Kids!

Debuting New “Parent-Friendly Sync” Feature!

Parents logging in with their current comiXology account will find their kid-friendly content syncing on the Comics4Kids app

New 3.1 upgrade also features better discoverability and CMX-HD capability

With an amazing array of titles running the gamut from Adventure Time to Archie to Garfield to Nancy Drew to Smurfs to Peanuts to Sabrina to Sonic to Simpsons Comics to Young Justice, and expanded content from publisher like ABRAMS ComicArts , Archaia, Archie, Bongo, BOOM! Studios, Cartoon Books, DC, Dynamite, IDW, Image Comics, MonkeyBrain, NBM, Oni Press, Papercutz Red 5, Studio 407, Teshkeel, Th3rd World Studios, Titan, Top Shelf, Zenescope

October 12th, 2012 – New York, New York — Starting today, it’s easier than ever before to share your love of comics with your kids via comiXology’s newly upgraded Comics4Kids iOS app featuring “parent-friendly sync” among other major upgrades. Parents that have an existing account on comiXology – the revolutionary digital comics platform available across iPhoneiPadAndroidKindle FireWindows 8 and the Web – will find that only their kid friendly content syncs when they log in to the Comics4Kids app.

In addition to “parent-friendly sync”, the new 3.1 version of the Comics4Kids app features better discoverability, CMX-HD capability and an amazing arrary of kid friendly content like Adventure Time, Archie, Garfield, Nancy Drew, Smurfs, Peanuts, Sabrina, Sonic, Simpsons Comics, Young Justice, and many, many more. Major publishers represented include such luminaries as ABRAMS ComicArts , Archaia Archie, Bongo, BOOM! Studios, Cartoon Books, DC, Dynamite, IDW, Image Comics, MonkeyBrain, NBM, Oni Press, Papercutz Red 5, Studio 407, Teshkeel, Th3rd World Studios, Titan, Top Shelf, and Zenescope.

“ComiXology’s mission is to bring comics to everyone everywhere and a big part of that is making sure kids have easy access to comics. We needed a solution so parents could easily share comics with their kids,” says comiXology co-founder and CEO David Steinberger. “This new Comics4Kids app does that and more. Our “parent-friendly sync” puts comiXology in the leadership position by giving parents control over what their kids read. Combined with our 3.0 platform, this makes Comics4Kids the best digital comics and graphic novel app for kids around!”

In addition to the unique “parent-friendly sync” feature, the Comics4Kids iOS app upgrade brings the app into to parity with the rest of the comiXology family of apps, delivering the same great shopping and reading experience that comiXology is known for.

Users of the older version will find that the Comics4Kids3.1 iOS app sports a sleek, new design and interface that enhances overall stability and usability. The advanced UI enables a near instantaneous launch dramatically cutting down the app’s load times, allowing kids to easily find new content and start reading faster than ever before. In addition to the overall re-design, the app now has new discoverability options, enhanced feature spotlights, more categories for new content, series and storyline listings, and CMX-HD resolution books for users of the new iPad.

To help better organize downloaded comics and graphic novels, “Purchases” now has its own tab so users can always find their comics for quick and easy download without cluttering their “My Comics” area.

Previous users of the Comics4Kids app will be happy to know that while vast improvements have been made, the Comics4Kids app continues to deliver the high quality comic reading experience customers have come to expect from comiXology powered apps through the use of it’s patent-pending Guided View™ Technology; that includes a wide variety of reading options and settings, enabling users to set the speed of transitions in addition to page orientations and much more.

Features and benefits of the Comics4Kids app 3.1 iOS app include:

◦ New “Parent Friendly Sync”
◦ Completely redesigned application
◦ CMX-HD compatibility
◦ Discover comics at much faster speeds
◦ Near instant launching
◦ Background downloading
◦ Improved “Instant Search”
◦ Separate “Purchases” area that displays all owned comics
◦ New series groupings in store and “My Comics”
◦ Buy or continue reading the next issue at the end of a comic
◦ Easily read comics from anywhere in the store.About comiXology

Founded in 2007 with the mission of bringing comics to people everywhere, comiXology revolutionized the comic book and graphic novel world. With the development of the comiXology digital comics platform – with buy-once, read-anywhere availability across iPhoneiPadAndroidKindle FireWindows 8 and the Web – comiXology provides the easiest way worldwide for people to enjoy comics anywhere they happen to be! Regularly ranking as the top grossing iPad app in the entire iTunes App Store, comiXology is one of the leading drivers of the iPad economy. Providing the most digital comics on the most devices, comiXology will not stop until everyone on the face of the planet has been turned into a comic book fan.

Being a huge fan of comiXology’s service and having a 5yr old who loves to read comics as much as I do I thought I’d take a look at the new app. The look and feel are pretty consistent with the main iOS app, although a lot of colour has been added making it more appealing to younger readers. I noticed the Creators tab has made way for one which lists all of the free comics available, a smart move on comiXology’s part I think as younger readers are far less likely to want to search by creative team I’d say…and parents are far more likely to be interested in free books too!

Having logged in with your comiXology account you can go to the Purchases tab and it handily lists all of the books you’ve purchased via your account which meet the all-ages criteria. This is particularly handy if, like me, you’ve bought well over a thousand comics from comiXology over the years and don’t want to sift through.

However, whilst you can access these books through both apps the storage space on the device remains separate. So whilst I downloaded Tiny Titans #4 via the main comiXology app this morning I’d have to download it all over again for Comics4Kids, which is a little annoying but probably a limitation of the operating system.

If you’re using iOS6 (and if your device is compatible why wouldn’t you be?) then you can combine Comics4Kids with the Guided Access feature which allows you to lock down the device to just one app and disable physical buttons etc. In this way you can hand your iPad over to a young reader safe in the knowledge that all they can do with it is read comics.

All in all, a nice upgrade, keep them coming comiXology!

Reviewer: Dave W

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