Coming Soon from Nobrow: Hilda and the Bird Parade!

Rejoice people of Earth! There is a third Hilda book! Hilda and The Bird Parade is the third Hilda centric book from the amazing artist and storyteller Luke Pearson.

This chapter in the series finds Hilda now living in town. She’s miserable as she thinks the town can’t possibly be as magical and exciting as the countryside. But then she hears about Trolberg’s annual Bird Parade, “a spectacular carnival in which crowds people from all over the city gather to match the streets in colourful, awe-inspiring plumage.”

If you pre-order the book from Nobrow direct, and are one of the first 250 to do so, you’ll get an exclusive book-plate designed by the artist himself! Find the link here and have a look at some beautiful preview pages here.

Source: Nobrow
Reporter: Sara Westrop

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