ComiXology Add Pre-Order Feature!

ComiXology is now offering their users the option to pre-order their favorite comics or graphic novels.

Developed jointly with Marvel Comics, this new feature is now available through ComiXology or the Marvel webstore. Starting originally with Uncanny Avengers #1 and the start of Marvel NOW!, the pre-order feature has now expanded to include such titles as The Walking Dead and Godstorm. Once pre-ordered, the item will appear in the purchases section upon its release, which is when they’ll be charged for the download.

While a great idea, I don’t particularly think digital comics require a pre-order function. Without a finite amount of issues, there is no real reason to pre-order an issue, other than just not forgetting about it. Still, if it works for ComiXology and leads to more sales, all the better.
Source: ComiXology

Reporter: Leo Johnson

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