ComiXology Expands with Formation of European Division

comics-by-comixologyComiXology, the world’s leading digital comics platform, has announced the formation of a new division that will be focused around “the acquisition of international language content across the European continent”.

This new devision – referred to as “ComiXology Europe” – will be located in Paris, France and intends to offer more localised European language offerings to boost the international business. The press release also states: “ComiXology’s opening of an office in Paris as its headquarters for European expansion is no surprise, as France has one of the most vibrant markets for graphic novels – called bande dessinées in French – in the world, with an industry that is comparable in size to the U.S. market.”

ComiXology co-founder and CEO David Steinberger had this to say about the move: “ComiXology has already proven to be enormously popular with consumers in many countries around the world – and that’s just in English. With ComiXology Europe, ComiXology takes the first step in becoming the platform for multi-language graphic literature from all over the world.”

Currently ComiXology offers the world’s widest selection of English language digital comics across multiple platforms and over the Web. This move also suggest’s ComiXology’s hopes to attract European publishers to boost the availability of international content as currently the platform is largely dominated by US-produced comics.

Source: ComiXology
Reporter: Dean Simons

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