ComiXology Returns with MARVEL #1: Offering Over 700 #1 Issues For Free!

You may remember that back in March Comixology and Marvel took the ambitious step of offering its users over seven hundred number one issues. The level  of response was such that the Comixology servers had a little bit of a meltdown and the offering had to be removed. Now it seems Comixology are ready to try again.

Fingers crossed that this time the system holds together as it’s a great way to bring new fans into the world of Marvel.

MARVEL #1: Over 700 #1 Issues Available For FREE!
Begin with the biggest and best super heroes in comics!

New York, NY— April 8th, 2013— Everyone remembers their first comic book, and now – Marvel is giving you over 700 of them FOR FREE with Marvel #1! Head on over now to the special promotional pageand sign up to get in on the action before Marvel #1 registration ends at 11:59pm ET on April 9th, 2013.

ComiXology and Marvel are pleased to announce the return of Marvel #1, a unique opportunity for fans to experience all of their favorite Marvel Super Heroes, and some new ones, by accessing over 700 #1 issues for free. These free comics can be read on the comiXology platform – available across iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows 8 the Web at – and the Marvel Comics app (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & Android devices) and online in the Marvel Digital Comics Shop, both powered by comiXology.


Reporter: Nuge

Source: comiXology

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