ComiXwriter: The World’s First Comics Writing Software

ComiXwriter Superpower Text LargeFor comic writers, there aren’t a lot of options. It’s either working away in a word document or using a screenwriting program that doesn’t work perfectly for comics. But, ComiXwriter is hoping to change all that.

When co-founder Glenn Farrington had a pitch for a graphic novel greenlighted, he realized there was nothing that made writing comics easy. Thus, the idea for ComiXwriter was born. But, ComiXwriter would do more than just allow an easy interface for outlining, panel structure, and more. It would also make it easy to share the script and collaborate with other vital members of the team: the artist, colorist, and letterer.

Making ideas into products isn’t new to Glenn, as he founded and built the business of Digital Seas International, which brings internet cafes to cruise ships. But to make ComiXwriter a reality, Glenn contacted longtime friend Steven Sashen, who had Scriptware, a software for film and TV writers. After gathering information from comic writing professionals, the two got together a team and began to build ComiXwriter.

On Tuesday June 25th, 2013, the final funding of ComiXwriter™ will take place on Kickstarter. “Kickstarter, with its crowd funding model, has not only proven to help projects like ours cross a finish line, but it also makes them winners by creating international awareness”, says Glenn Farrington.
The goal for ComiXwriter™ is simple…to become the industry-standard script writing software for comic books and graphic novels. That might sound like a lofty goal, but we’re not worried. At ComiXwriter™ LLC, we know your superpower is writing!”

Source: ComiXwriter
Reporter: Leo Johnson

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