COMPETITION: Limerick Reviews spell the Advent of Anarchy

HodderToday marks the publication of Anarchy, the second of James Treadwell’s wonderful books, chronicling the return of magic to our modern world.

In celebration, the Scrolls team are offering you the opportunity to win both books with a very simple challenge.

All you need to do is review a fantasy, science fiction or horror book for us in the form of a limerick.  Send it to us at s[email protected] or record it by calling dion.winton.polak on Skype if you like.  (We’re pretty sure that’s working now.)

Enter as many times as you like; we want to be inundated with the things.  The deadline is Friday 12th July.

We’ll read out our favourites on the next episode of Scrolls and announce the competition Winner.

The lucky scribe will be sent a paperback version of Advent and a brand spanking new hardback of Anarchy, courtesy of our friends at Hodder.

Don’t delay.  These books are burning a hole in my bookshelf!

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