COMPETITION: Scrolls Flash Fiction Challenge 1.2

FlashHuge thanks to all of those who entered our Flash Fiction Challenge last month.  If you’ve listened to the latest episode of Scrolls, then you will already have heard the winning entries.  Newbies will perhaps now have a better idea of the breadth and variety of writing that can be used in these tiny tales, while experienced folk may be chomping at the bit to show us what they’ve got.  As this is a monthly challenge, the chance to do so will come round again and again.  If you missed it before, the rules are simple…

All you need to do is write an original story/poem in the broad genres of fantasy, science fiction or horror.  The word limit is just 100, but your imagination can be boundless.  To help inspire you, we’ll give you 4 words that you must use (in whatever context you see fit).  The rest is up to you.  

The four key words for the next challenge are as follows:

Scan, Marrow, Heart, Chuck.

As always, we will read out the best three pieces on the Scrolls podcast and publish them here on the Geek Syndicate website.  The winner gets a book, too.  We aim to have all the best stories collected together in one place on the site, but until we figure out how to do that, here are last month’s top trio…

Siren by John Xero (Runner Up) 

Heed the siren’s call.  It heralds salvation, the bliss of ignorance, the sweet succour of death.

Do not thrash as she takes you into her arms, sweet child, as she presses her lips to yours.  Let her steal your breath as if it were her own.

Do not cry out as she cracks your bones for the marrow within.  Instead forget what pain is, let her devour that too.

What has free will ever brought you?  Let the siren take charge and plant her black flag in your soul.

Soon you will be nothing more than tears in the ocean.

Man Vs Food by Lizzie Boyle (Runner Up)

Ray-ray was starting to flag.  He’d charged ahead, chomping through the first leg in ten minutes, pausing only for breath and black pepper.

The second leg took longer.  Gristle caught in his throat and he lost time coughing it back.  He looked at the others: Luca was ahead now, two legs gone and carving into the rump.

Focus, Ray-ray, focus.

He pulled flesh from bone.  If he could just get through the second leg, then the organs – liver, kidneys, heart – he could stop the godawful thrashing of this guy’s arms.  It was always easier when they stopped thrashing.

Trade by David Hartley (Winner)

I swear the merchant laughed as I handed him my tibia.  He chucked the whole bone through his Grender; the machine clanged as it charged, sputtered through a scan and then spat out a green flag.

Genuine human, approved for sale.

Only then did he glance at my stump, another chuckle playing across his face.  He took his time finding Sasha.  I’d hoped she would be thrashing at the bars to get out, but she just sat there; sad eyes, obvious ribs.  I glared at the merchant but said nothing.

It didn’t matter really; I’d saved her some meat.

The competition is open to all, so put on your thinking caps and see what you can come up with.  If you need further inspiration and haven’t done so already, you can listen to our special episode A Little Bit Of Flash.

As I’ve been so slow getting the details of this month’s Challenge up, I’m extending the deadline.  Send your entries to us at [email protected] by the 8:30pm on Friday 31st May 2013.

A reminder of those key words again:  Scan, Marrow, Heart, Chuck.

Heads down guys, and let’s see what you’ve got!

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