CON REVIEW: The Gadget Show Live

gadgetshowliveA tech talk fest par excellence but no Apple bytes (not so much as a nibble actually!) If you caught our live tweeting on Tuesday, you’ll know we were at the press preview day for The Gadget Show Live, based around the Channel 5 TV show.

Now the first thing about the press day you have to know is that there is no Jason Bradbury or Pollyanna (sigh!) Woodward doing their live show bit. That said, there’s plenty on offer to see & do, and many exhibitors are doing great stand deals / discounts on top products.

The show is divided in to particular zones, such as gaming, pro-audio etc, and to be honest very little really surprised me there, as those guys spending a lot of money through the year promoting their wares. Equally well, the consumer electronics tech zone was crammed with Android tablets all competing with each with paper-thin differentiation, all taking advantage of the fact there was no Apple there. That said, other big boys were there, such as Microsoft, splashing a fair bit of MarCom money around.

So, what were my favourite bits? Let me just start by saying that it is very much to TGSL’s credit that so many independent fledging British companies were there touting their leading-edge technology – these are types of companies that makes the US keep coming back to the UK to source IP!

Other highlights included:

  • LG launched the world’s first 84″ Ultra High LED TV with a full on F1 Racing game
  • Aquacell: one time use water activated AA size eco-batteries…
  • RP TechWorks of Coventry & their £1500 of 3D printer – it’s the way ahead
  • Tinke by Zensorium: clip this gadget on and turn your iPhone into a medical tricorder for £80
  • Two local brothers made Thatch Industries’ Raptor, a self balancing unicycle (a one-wheel Segway if you will)
  • An extravagance, but Honda’s new Miimo 500, a robotic lawn mower at £2K really got me. It just needs WiFi, an iOS app and solar panels for trickle charge (maybe on the next version – my patent please!)
  • 3M’s £99 personal projector around the size of an iPhone with a 40″ output – your own personal mobile cinema
  • A custom Revere Range Rover with more extras than a Bond car… a mere snip at £95K!
  • Become Stig yourself (well for about 10 minutes anyway) in the Top Gear simulator ride
  • A sign of the times this, but a big emphasis on smart-home gadgets to reduce your fuel bills e.g. LightWaveRF with their range of internet connected lighting and central heating controllers
  • Cambrionix of Cambridge with their very stylish Series8 Charger: a desktop USB unit which will charge your iGear, cellphones, etc
  • Now this I really liked:  Lenovo’s 27″ touchscreen table top game centre £1500
  • A £99 TicTac-box-sized GPS tracker, with iOS app: can I get this in pink for my daughter?!

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If you are free tomorrow or this weekend and you love your tech-gear, then the Gadget Show Live is worth a visit!

Reporter: SilverFox

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