Conner Kent coming to Smallville – Spoilers

Ok this will have spoilers for the current season of Smallville so if you aren’t up to day or you jsut don’t care DON’T Read on

Ok in the current season of Smallville there is a Clone of Lex Luther running around calling himself Alexander Luthor, he is currently in his teens (due to an accelerated aging process). He did have all the memory’s of Lex Luthor but due to a fault in the cloning process he is losing them along with his life. However at the end of the latest episode (Beacon) it is shown that Clone Lex has Clark’s Powers……

Does that sound familiar? Well if you are a DC fan it should do! in the comics the current Superboy is a clone of Lex and Clark. Like a love child that should not exist!

Well thanks to a promo image from The CW we know for sure that this Clone is in fact Conner Kent, or at least the Smallville version.

That’s Lucas Grabeel (High School Musical) sporting the Black and Read Superboy T-shirt.

With only a half a season of the show left how many more characters from DC can they cram in! at this point i wouldn’t be surprised is a Dark Knight and Boy Wonder turned up.

Source: Warner Bros. and The CW

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One comment

  1. joseph12164 /

    took me totally by surprise,
    sure didn’t see this TWIST coming at all!!!!!
    *sneaky writers*
    thoroughly enjoyed the show, took it for what it was worth as a Super DC Fan,
    and ran with it. Liked it a lot….
    Three stars in my books. Too bad that they’re trying to cram in as many cool story lines
    into the last 8 to 10 episodes.
    sit tight and enjoy the ride for the rest of the season I guess?
    wait till Lex returns,
    You just wait and see…

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