Contributors for future Geek Dating/ Geeky Tattoo articles needed

Some of you may have seen recently my article about the Pros and Cons of dating a fellow Geek, I’m planning on doing a follow up article in a few weeks’ time and would love to speak to some of you about your own experiences.

I’m looking for people who have used any of these dating sites:

I’d like to know your experiences using sites specifically aimed at people wanting to date other Geeks and Nerds – an anecdote or mini review of what the site/s are like to use, even just a single paragraph summery of your thoughts on the whole thing. It doesn’t have to be anything comprehensive! Or, if you prefer, I can ask you some set questions.

I’d also love to get in contact with anyone who would like to expand on the original article; do you have some dating tips? Do’s and Don’t’s? Have you met the love of your life at a convention? What are your experiences of dating a Nerd or Geek? Did anything in my article ring true for you?


I’ll also be starting a series of features on people’s Geeky/Nerdy/Fandom tattoos. Ideally I’ll be featuring one person a month, so it doesn’t matter if you have one tat or twenty – get in touch and let me know if you’re interested!

For this series I actually need to have some more men willing to speak to me, I’ve got a good few people interested already and all of them are female. This doesn’t mean that my tattooed ladies need not apply; I’d still like to hear from you! There are some general questions I want contributors to all answer, then once it’s your turn to be featured I may need to contact you again to ask additional questions.

Please also be prepared to share photos of your tattoo/s – if you don’t want your name or face featured that’s no problem =)

If you know the Facebook/Twitter/Email of the person or studio where your ink was done that would be helpful too, as it’s be nice to hear from the artists!

And on that note, if you ARE a tattoo artist then I’d REALLY love to hear from you too!

If any of you are heading to MCM this weekend (London, 22nd – 24th May) or LFCC (London 17th – 19th July) let me know, I’ll be there in cosplay and welcome people coming over to say Hi and have a chat.

Friday: BBC TV series version of Arthur Dent

Friday: BBC TV series version of Arthur Dent

The Lovely Vix as my Clint

Sunday is Marvellous with my Female Agent Coulson.

Saturday is Disney day! Wedding Day Ursula/Vanessa shall be making the rounds

Saturday is Disney day! Wedding Day Ursula/Vanessa shall be making the rounds


Leave a comment below or tweet me on @madame_fifi if you want to get involved.
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