Firefly Lego is Back

Firefly Lego Lego Cuusoo rejected this amazing Firefly idea on two grounds: one that it would not sell and two that the Inara character was not suitable for a product for all ages. However, that hasn’t stopped the creator of this model going for it anyway.

As a massive Whedonite, I’ve been following this project closely. I even signed up to Cuusoo just to vote on it and was disappointed when Lego turned it down, even though I can see where they are coming from. On the other hand though, children see much worse on TV and computer games than a companion.

The crewAnyway, the creator has redesigned the model and sold the first sets on eBay. These sets came with all nine of the crew and cool light up firefly drive. At over 24 inches long and over 2000 pieces this massive model sold for over $350.

For those without that kind of capital the creator is looking to sell the instructions and mini-figures on their own for people to then build their own firefly.  This is the option I will be going for when it is released. You can already get the parts list at Brickshelf and for more news follow him on Facebook

Source: Brick Firefly Serenity
Reporter: Amy

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