Coolest Batman Toys EVER

Now I have to admit that I do have a Tumbler Batmobile in my house which belongs to my boys (ahem cough) and it is really cool but what you are about to see just takes toys to a whole new level.
Lego released the Bat and the Tumbler’s from The Dark Knight Rises but one creative chap has not only built them but turned them into remote control geektastic must haves. Check out the video below and also details on how you can make one yourself.

Instead of doing the minimum of just building a LEGO version of these vehicles, master LEGO builder and customizer, Peerk Krueger AKA mahjpa took it even further and motorized them. Instead of just setting them on your desk, you can take them out and create havoc in your neighborhood and what pretty cool is just in case something breaks, it’s an easy fix. If you’re thinking that you would never be able to create anything as cool as this, you don’t have to worry. Peerk has tutorials for sale on how to build your own at his site

Source: iGeektrooper
GS Reporter: Montoya

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