COSPLAY ON A BUDGET: RoboCop by comicbookgirl19

GS Cardboard RoboCop

I’ll be going to MCM Expo this year as part of GS and I can’t wait! I’ve been developing my Wonder Woman costume each time I’ve been over the past year and this time I’ve decided to upgrade to Atomic Wonder Woman from the new DC Infinite Crisis. But being a student, I’ll be on a very strict budget, so I’ve decided to take inspiration from comicbookgirl19 and her incredible RoboCop costume…

Comicbookgirl19’s costume is proof that you don’t need a huge budget or flashy equipment to create a great piece of cosplay. Her RoboCop costume she created for SDCC and Dragon Con is made entirely from cardboard and cost about $117 in ink cartridges. Computer programs were used for precision measuring to get a perfectly symmetrical costume and the colouring for the armour, but you could probably make it without those things.

GS CBG-robocop

 The costume received a great response and went onto win Best in Show at the Dragon Con Masquerade, something totally unexpected for comicbookgirl19! Watch the video below and subscribe to her channel so you can be the first to see a new video about the making process of the suit.

You can check out all the other great videos from comicbookgirl19 here, including more RoboCop stuff, reviews, discussions and more.

So comicbookgirl19 has proved that low budget cosplay can be just as good as any other higher budget cosplay. I’ll definitely be taking some tips for my MCM costume! Keep an eye on the GS website to see how it turns out…

Source: Geeks are Sexy
Reporter: Jess Hawke

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